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FAQs for Services Booking

We​ keep updating the FAQ for Services Booking from time to time so as to serve you better. Answers to your future questions will be posted here.

Services Booking FAQ

Can I be serviced on a weekend or Sunday?

YES, but you must have booked your order in advance during the weekdays against Saturday & Sunday.

Is my personal details safe with WorkRit?

YES. Your personal details is very safe with us and confidential. You can click to learn more from our Privacy Policy page

What time of the day can your service man visit a site to work or service a client request?

Anytime of the day as long as you have scheduled an appointment or place your order and we shall definitely carry you along for the site visitation.

Which service category should I choose?

Go through our category list & choose your kind of service you want us to render or you can contact us for assistance

What happens after you place your order?

Our service man will inspect your job on a fee and that will be deducted from your labour fee after the job has been carried out. 

Thereafter, you will receive a quotation (bill) for your payment to be made to WORKRIT assigned account i.e. (70% deposit & balance paid upon completion of the job).

Thereafter, our engineer will proceed with the job execution.

Will my contact details be made public?

No, your contact details will not be made public. It will be kept within us and the engineer/technician that will be working on your raised service request for inspection & commencement of the job.

Can I cancel my service request?

Yes, you may cancel your service request 4hrs before any form of service is carried out. Just contact us to cancel your service request.

How do I select a technician or service man?

The service man is assigned by the company, based on the predefined parameters of your information given to us by you.

Can I request for a quote?

Yes. The Company gives you your quote or quotation for the job. You can simply raise a request, pay the call out charge (inspection fee) and wait until our technician/engineer gets in touch with you. But, we implore you to only raise a job request that you intend to complete, this will give our service man more confidence in the authenticity of the service request on our platform. Contact us to request a quote or quotation

Why do you need my contact details & location?

We need it because the security of our customers and that of our service men is part of our concern, it gives us comfort when we know where they are and whom they are servicing at a point in time. It is also used in communicating with you.

How secured is my payment / debit card on your platform?

Your payment / debit card details is secured because your details are not stored on our platform; we connect to a popularly known and secured third party online payment gateway known as Paystack  for all online payment or card-related transactions. So you can be rest assured that your payment is secured.

How can I get in touch with the support team?

You can email the support team via or use the Whatsapp chat button or via any of the channels on our contact us page.