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How to order online from our website

Before you proceed, it is important to know that during order placement on our website you would be able to checkout/successfully place order either as a Registered or Guest Customer.

We recommend that you register on our website so that you can always checkout/place order as Registered Customer to enable easily tracking of order(s) in your account section and to also make subsequent purchases quicker without having to always enter your shipping/billing address and other details each time you want to make purchase from our website. Click here to signup now.

Steps to Order product(s) from our online store

1. From the Shop click on All Products or Sales of Materials or you can use the Search module to quickly find the product of your choice.
2. Click the “ADD TO CART” or "READ MORE" button on the product of your choice or click to check product details (multiple product can be added to cart one after the order).
3. To proceed when you are done selecting your products; Click on the “ View cart ” that appears under your selected product or click on “View Cart” or shopping cart icon at the topmost part of your current page.
4. On the cart page; review your order (you may apply a coupon code if you have one) then scroll down to click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button.
5. On the Checkout page;
5a. If you are a Returning/Exiting Customer use the "Click here to login" link otherwise go to step 5b.
5b. If you are a New/First time Customer fill all the fields marked with red asterisk (*) on the checkout page.
* To create an account, check/tick the box beside “Create an account?” option then enter your password.
* If you Billing & Shipping Address is the same; uncheck the box in front of “Ship to a different address?” but if the address that you want your goods to be shipped to is different from the billing address please check the box in front of “Ship to a different address?” then enter your Shipping Address details.
6. Select the Payment Method of your choice.
7. Click on “Place Order” button to submit your order for processing.

NOTE: It is very important that you note down your “ORDER NUMBER” and keep is safe as you will need it as reference number during offline or bank payment and Order/Shipment follow up.